Private Lessons in person or on Skype

I have over forty years of teaching experience teaching classes and private lessons at the university level, outside the university, and through the Jamey Aebersold workshops (37 years). Are you a pianist who is beginner to jazz and want to get a solid foundation? Are you a bit more experienced but could use some guidance to reach the next level in your jazz playing? I think I can help and would be pleased to work with you

I really enjoy working with people individually in person (in my studio in Cincinnati) or face to face any place in the world over Skype or Facetime (Apple) If you have a computer or tablet and a good internet connection set up near your piano, one on one lessons can work well, and you do not need to leave your home.

Subjects we can explore:

  • Learning to practice efficiently
  • Building repertoire and vocabulary
  • Arranging songs at the piano
  • Developing a strong time feel and improvisational lines
  • Effective Comping and playing in a group
  • Listening more deeply and overcoming self-consciousness

$60 /hour for college students or younger
$75/hour for adults
Online lessons payments can be processed securely through PayPal.

To accommodate my irregular schedule, I do all lessons by appointment. Simply contact me by telephone or email.

To get started
Write out answers to the questions below, email back to me. Then we can talk over the phone for a bit (no charge for the time) The purpose of this questionnaire is to help me to assess who you are as a player so that I may better help you reach your goals.
1. What’s your name and how old are you?
2. Tell me about your playing experience? (How many years have you been playing? Who have you studied with & for how long? What types of ensembles have you played in? etc.)
3. What are your technical goals?
4. What are your musical goals?
5. Who are some of your favorite musicians, and what is it about them and/or their playing that inspires you?