Jazz Keyboard Harmony

A Practical Voicing Method For All Musicians

Phil DeGreg has created a practical and systematic method that teaches any musician how to practice jazz piano voicings so that they become automatic and intuitive. The method progresses step by step from 2-voice shells to 7-voice chord structures with fourths and upper-structure triads.

Each chapter presents a voicing construction in essential harmonic progressions written, analyzed, and spelled out in all keys with fingerings, to accommodate different learning styles. At the end of each chapter, four song arrangements notated for both hands apply the techniques and voicings just learned.

The book also includes information about comping rhythms, bass line techniques, simple righthand melodic patterns, and detailed practice strategies.

Jazz Keyboard Harmony includes a Play-a-long CD to practice the piano exercises with bass and drum accompaniment along with a saxophone soloist. This coordinates exactly with Appendix B of the text, which is a crucial element of the whole method.

Jazz Keyboard Harmony is excellent for both classroom and individual study and used at universities all over the world. It is strongly endorsed by Mark Levine, Bobby Shew, Denis DiBlasio, and many other teachers.

Available below for free download are Standard Midi practice files that coordinate with Appendix B of the text just like the CD. If used in a sequencer/recording computer program, they can be tempo adjusted easily.

Samples Pages


"Your Jazz Keyboard Harmony book is fantastic. I haven’t seen any other book that so thoroughly
demystifes complex piano voicings and clearly points to way the practical harmony at the
keyboard. Coupled with the MIDI disksit has to be the pinnacle in the Aebersold series.
Thankyou for taking the time to write this wonderful text."

Peter G.

"Each chapter is a world of discovery and good harmonic taste. Most of all, I’m really enjoying myself, and a lot has to do with your clarity and gift for solid organization. Your excellent resource, exhibiting your knowledge and teaching ability, makes it all the more possible. Thank you, again. Your book is a rarity indeed–and it will always be invaluable to me."

Mike M.

"Before the book, I could hear the changes and analyze but I could not feel or visualize tonal areas of the keyboard. Your book not only pointed out my weak areas but supplied the discipline to grow and develop. In addition, my ear is improving to where I am able to pick out voicings faster from recordings live performances etc. Thanks!"

Greg R.

"I’m enjoying your book “Jazz Keyboard Harmony” very much. The voicings in the book sound very cool, and it’s very useful for me, the beginner of jazz pianist easy to understand compared to other similar books.

Isamu H.

"I recently purchased
a copy of your Jazz Keyboard Harmony and write to say I think it’s absolutely superb and I’m
 enjoying every minute of practicing with it, using the Appendix B patterns with Appendix D (and home-grown) phrases and the metronome is great fun and I can feel myself growing in freedom (and FLOW) – praise the Lord! I’ve actually bought two copies of the book, one for myself and one for my grandson."

John P.

"I just wanted to let you know that I picked up your book a few months ago
and just started delving into the voicings. WOW! I am 47 yrs old and want
you to know that this book is the answer to my prayers. It makes music
voicings and harmony easy to understand and use. Where has this book been all my 
life? Many Thanks for a really fine piece of work."

Vince M.

book is undoubtedly the best book for achieving basic jazz keyboard skills-period. Take it from me
you have performed a great service in the jazz community. I recommend this book to all of my
 friends who want a greater knowledge of jazz harmony."

Jay F.