Free Practice Materials

This section contains some of the free jazz educational practice materials that I have developed over years of teaching.

Although many of these materials were designed for study at the keyboard, much of it could be applied to any instrument. Musicians learn in many ways, and the information on these pages merely represents my personal point of view, so feel free to take whatever helps your progress and understanding.

Disclaimer: These materials are all meant to augment the most important daily activity in learning to play jazz: LISTENING A LOT to recordings, live performances, and these days, studying videos.



Jazz Keyboard Harmony

A Practical Voicing Method For All Musicians

Having now sold over 20,000 copies, Phil DeGreg’s text Jazz Keyboard Harmony is used all over the world in classrooms and by musicians of all instruments. The book is a practical and systematic method that teaches how to practice jazz piano voicings so that they become automatic and intuitive.