Reviewers Accolades

“…a strong musician with rock-solid rhythmic power and a tasteful sense of melody and arrangement…The Green Gate is a compelling recording…all the correct elements, repetoire, personnel, original/non original material, are in perfect balance. More than a few New York musicians could learn from this guy in Cincinnati.”

–Jazz Improv Magazine

“a musician of ceaseless curiosity…relaxed, natural, and soulful…a consistently provocative and enjoyable jazz performance”

–James Williams, pianist

“Phil DeGreg is a pianist with a fine technique whose music always swings…the music’s surging power and energy is always controlled within well-balanced structures…”

–Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

“….A longtime treasure of the Cincinnati jazz scene, pianist Phil DeGreg is a versatile modernist who plays with the sort of supple authority that raises the eyebrows of his fellow musicians. He turned heads in Ann Arbor the last time he played here…

–The Detroit Free Press

“Provocative and lyrical style…the overall effect is one of strong rhythmic accord and imaginative melodic improvisation…”

–Coda Magazine

 “…a masterful way with a piano trio…surprisingly varied, displaying the huge range of what a piano trio is capable of.”

–The Cincinnati Enquirer

“… a deep understanding of the blues. His moves swing and jazz is not mere reflex. Highly recommended…”

–The Grand Rapids Press

“A talent deserving wider recognition, Phil DeGreg carries the mainstream jazz torch effectively and with sparks flying”.

–All About Jazz Online

 “Jazz fans who visit Cincinnati know how fine a pianist Phil DeGreg is and how straight-ahead with unadorned good taste his trio performs at the Blue Wisp…intelligence triumphs over bravado. The perennial power of mature music has won another round.”

–Jazz Now

“An ear-pleasing session that’s full of ingenuity and surprise.”

–CD Now

“His playing swings tastefully….DeGreg is an elegant new voice at the Steinway.”


 “Phil DeGreg is definitely a player, abundant evidence of which can be found on his enormously pleasurable J Seven debut, The Green Gate…the music is first-class and the core trio is as securely anchored and synchronous as they come…a well-rounded set with a little something for everyone.”

–All About Jazz Online

“..well-wrought linear playing imbued with a flowing lyricism…these four players settle into a comfortable empathy shaped by keen ears for the carefully chosen pieces and solid musicianship.”

–Cadence Magazine

“…a superbly fluent technician who values melodicism over pianistic gymnastics.”

–American Reporter

“Finally, there’s pianist Phil DeGreg, a Cincinnati musician with chops galore.

–Our Town