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Piano Voicing Method for All Musicians by Phil DeGreg – Book/CD set Now a Book/CD set!! A practical and systematic method that teaches how to practice jazz piano voicings so that they become automatic and intuitive. The method progresses step by step from 2-voice to 7-voice chord structures with fourths and upper-structure triads. Each chapter presents essential harmonic progressions written and spelled out in all keys, along with fingerings to help non-keyboardists. Also provided are songs, written out for both hands, which utilize the techniques and voicings just learned. Includes comping rhythms, bass line techniques, and practice strategies. Excellent for both classroom and individual study. Strongly endorsed by Mark Levine, Bobby Shew, Denis Diblasio, and many others. The included Play-a-long CD lets you practice the piano exercises in the book with bass and drum accompaniment; you can also practice comping along with a saxophone soloist. A demonstration piano track on one channel, played with a stylistic comping feel, gives you an idea of how the piano voicing exercises should sound.

Click here for Free downloads of standard Midi practice files that coordinate with Appendix B of Jazz Keyboard Harmony.
JKH Midi Files Appendix B


Unsolicited Email Testimonials

Dear Mr DeGreg,
Your Jazz Keyboard Harmony book is fantastic. I haven’t seen any other book that so thoroughly
demystifes complex piano voicings and clearly points to way the practical harmony at the
keyboard. Coupled with the MIDI disks
it has to be the pinnacle in the Aebersold series.
Thankyou for taking the time to write this wonderful text.
Peter G.

Mr. DeGreg:
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your jazz keyboard harmony book. I have been a
guitarist for many years, playing blues and rock in an original band, but I had always wanted to
study jazz piano and harmony. I began doing so seriously nearly two years ago. I eventually
came across your book.
Let me emphasize that each chapter is a world of discovery and good harmonic taste. I have
many other books, but many lack the practical applications and real-life, professional voicings.
Other books have helped me, of course, but I use your book daily to practice comping voicings,
etc. I don’t like to cram; instead, I work on each chapter slowly, making sure I remember everything. Most of all, I’m really enjoying myself, and a lot has to do with your clarity and gift for solid organization. There’s nothing that compares to the security of understanding chord structures. Your excellent resource, exhibiting your knowledge and teaching ability, makes it all the more possible.Thank you, again. Your book is a rarity indeed–and it will always be invaluable to me.
All the best,
Mike M.

Dear Mr. DeGreg:
I had corresponded with you in the recent past, and I really appreciate your having taken the time
to answer my questions, knowing fully well that customer support is not part of the tiny price I paid for the prodigious and wealth-laden book that “Jazz Keyboard Harmony” is turning out to be. And this is precisely the root of my dilemma – the book is so rich with material that it would last me a lifetime to cover the entire 9 chapters
Fernando T.

I just wanted to tell you that your book ” Jazz Keyboard Harmony “has really helped
change my perspective in playing the piano and other
keyboards . It provided me with the routines and drills which I
desperately needed. Recently I have purchased my second copy of the
book. My first copy was purchased spring 1998. For the last 5 years I
have practiced on a pretty consistent daily basis at least one
exercise from a given chapter . My favorite chapters are Chapter 6 & 8.
My personal weaknesses in approaching the keyboard generally were both Tactile and
Visual. Before the book I could hear the changes and
analyze but I could not feel or visualize tonal areas of the keyboard.
Your book not only pointed out my weak areas but supplied the
discipline to grow and develop. In addition my ear is improving to
where I am able to pick out voicings faster from recordings live
performances etc..
Thanks !
Greg R.
Winnetka, Il.

Dear Mr. DeGreg,
I’m enjoying your book “Jazz Keyboard Harmony” very much.
The voicings in the book sound very cool, and it’s
very useful for me, the beginer of jazz pianist.
easy to understand compare to other similar books.
Isamu H.
(jazz buff, amateur trumpeter and pianist in Japan)

Dear Phil
As a comparative beginner in jazz (but a long time piano player and teacher) I recently purchased
a copy of your Jazz Keyboard Harmony and write to say I think it’s absolutely superb and I’m
enjoying every minute of practising with it – still on chapter 1 really, but have scanned through
other chapters. Using the Appendix B patterns with Appendix D (and home-grown) phrases and
the metronome (currently on minim = 96) is great fun and I can feel myself growing in freedom
(and FLOW) – praise the Lord!
I’ve actually bought two copies of the book, one for myself and one for my grandson (who is now
15 and has been coming to see me for a lesson each Saturday morning for approx. 8 years!) and
it would be nice to have your confirmation (one way or the other) to convince him.
Thanks Phil.
John P.
Gloucester, UK

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up your book a few months ago
and just started delving into the voicings. WOW! I am 47 yrs old and want
you to know that this book is the answer to my prayers. It makes music
voicings and harmony easy to understand and use. Where has this book been all my
life. Many Thanks for a really fine piece of work,
Vince M.

Dear Mr. DeGreg,
I am writing this email just to thank you for sharing your knowledge in your Jazz Keyboard
Harmony book. I am a drummer/percussionist that has remained a bit of an outsider whenever it
came to jazz theory and harmony despite having recieved a bachelors degree in music. Your
book is undoubtedly the best book for achieving basic jazz keyboard skills-period. Take it from me
you have performed a great service in the jazz community. I recommend this book to all of my
friends who want a greater knowledge of jazz harmony. Anyway, I just wanted to write you a
quick note of thanks. I do wish that you would release a book that elaborates on Chapter 9. One
that would utilize your systematic, methodical, “drill-like” approach. Thanks Again.
Sincerely, Jay F.

Hi Phil
I love your book. Of the masses of jazz books on the market, I am so pleased that I have found
this one to work through. The approach you’ve developed really makes sense to me. I am
working through this book (slowly) in hopes of having a much better harmonic foundation for next
years workshop. I decided to start with chapter six, and then work backward through chapters
four and two. I have created flashcards to help me see the chords and the chord names and find
them on the piano faster. Then I will take on the comping chapters. I am still on chapter six, but I think the other chapters will be much easier once I have mastered chapter six.
Matt C.

Hi Phil,
I just bought your “Jazz Keyboard Harmony” book over the holidays and wanted to tell you I think
this is one of the most logically organized books I have ever seen. An extremely detailed
explanation of all the voicings covered.
This book has been my best Christmas present ever and I just had to let you know how much I
appreciate your hard work in making “Jazz Keyboard Harmony”.
A superb Job!!
Best Wishes
Dale K.