My Little Song


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I am very proud of my working jazz trio with Aaron and John.  Together we have been performing weekly in the Midwest for over twelve years and accumulated a large and diverse repertoire of arrangements and original compositions in a wide variety of styles. This recording presents a sampling of our work.

The addition of the extraordinary Tim Ries on soprano and tenor saxes and flute adds a welcome fresh color to our trio music. Tim and I have known each other since the late 1970’s when we were both students at North Texas State University (since renamed University of North Texas.) He has toured with the Rolling Stones since 1999, but for four decades has long been one of the highly regarded and distinctive woodwind voices in the New York City jazz scene. He was passing briefly through Cincinnati last December, and I took the opportunity to drag him into the recording studio the trio after his gig. He literally sight-read all of this music as we recorded it. The results are a testimony to his incredible and heart-felt musicianship. Tim, I am very grateful.

The title song represents part of my attitude toward performing music. I live to play music for people and thank God for that gift. But like many jazz players, I have been perpetually haunted by the reality that my musical heroes make music at a level I can only aspire to reach. I have always comforted myself with the idea that within my limitations I can frequently at least play what I can hear: my own little song. I sincerely hope you can find some beauty in this collection.

I want to thank Mark Santangelo for his patient production work, John and Aaron for their consistent musical companionship, and my wife Carol and daughters Nicole and Julia for their loving support over the years.

Phil DeGreg 

Phil DeGreg, Piano and Arrangements
Aaron Jacobs, Bass
John Taylor, Drums
Tim Ries, Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Flute