Table For Three


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My first piano trio CD with my working group in the mid-90s, bassist Eric Sayer and drummer Steve Barnes.

“..straight ahead with unadorned good taste…Intelligence triumphs over bravado. The perennial power of mature music has won another round.” -Jim Merod, JazzNow

“Phil DeGreg makes apparent his own sense of melodic movement and a deep understanding of the blues. His moves swing, and jazz isn’t mere reflex.” – Lazaro Vega, Grand Rapids Free Press

  1. Come Rain or Come Shine
  2. It Might As Well Be Spring
  3. Anthropology
  4. Sail Away
  5. Carol’s Waltz
  6. Broadway
  7. Hallucinations
  8. Elizete
  9. Lush Life
  10. Cupbearers
  11. We Kiss in a Shadow

Phil DeGreg, Piano
Eric Sayer, Bass (tracks 1, 3, 6-10)
Steve Barnes, Drums (tracks 1, 3, 6-10)
Mike Sharfe, Bass (tracks 2,4, 5,11)
Marc Wolfley, Drums (tracks 2,4, 5,11)

Sample Tracks


Come Rain

Lush Life